Recover Data after Installing Windows 8

Tool to Restore files after Installing Windows 8

Despite being a safe, simple and reliable operating system, Windows 8 has its own limitations. In some scenarios, it may throw some frustrating errors, resulting in severe loss of data.  Such circumstances will become very gloomy and disappointing if you find absence of an appropriate backup of your lost or deleted files. Under such instances, no need to fret, as you can easily perform lost or deleted file recovery on Windows 8 computers.

Upgrading an older version of a software to the newer one has become a trend nowadays. The same applies to Windows 8 OS. The main motive behind upgrading is to avail the advanced features of newer version of the software. However, sometimes this is not as smooth as it sounds. While upgrading the older version of Windows operating system to Windows 8, due to some unpredicted system errors, important files on your computer may get corrupt. If you lose your important files due to such instances, then no need to bother. As you can easily get back your essential files by using Windows 8 file recovery tool. To know more, click here

There are several instances where most of the Windows users lose their important files. Some of the common data loss scenarios are listed below.

  • Sometimes while formatting the drive, if you format the wrong drive containing your important files. Then it results in severe data loss.
  • While installing Windows 8, sometimes due to boot error if your system turns off abruptly then the chances of losing files are pretty more. For more information about Windows 8 lost file recovery, click here,
  • There are circumstances like infection of viruses and malware, file system corruption, software conflicts, hardware failure etc may also lead to loss of valuable data.

To avoid data loss in any circumstance, you need to be aware of few tips which are listed below. These tips will also help you in future to avoid data loss in any circumstances.

  • Always maintain regular backup of all your important files.
  • Use updated antivirus to avoid infection of viruses, malware and spyware on your computer.
  • Make sure that you close all your applications while turning off the computer.

Irrespective of cause for data loss, Recover Windows 8 tools will restore more that 300 types of files including images, text documents, spreadsheets, zip archives, video files, movies etc. It will also quite easily restore pictures from Windows 8 and all previous versions of Windows operating systems. This tool has an inbuilt smart scan option which helps to scan the entire drive, in case the lost or deleted files are not found during the previous scanning process. Moreover, you can also use this tool to restore memory card data on Windows 8 computers. It comes with the free trial version in order to check the efficiency of recovery. Besides memory cards and hard drives, it will also restore files from external hard drive, iPod, FireWire drive, flash drive etc. and is a perfect solution for recovery of data from such devices.

Simple steps to recover files after installing Windows 8 OS

Step 1: Install Recover Windows 8 utility on your computer and open its main window as shown in the below fig A.

Recover Data after Installing Windows 8 - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Choose the hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in fig B.

Recover Data after Installing Windows 8 - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: The list of restored files will be as shown in the below fig C.

Recover Data after Installing Windows 8 - Restored Files

Fig C: Restored Files