Recover Flash Drive

Best Way to Recover Flash Drive

Flash drive is a small data storage device and small in size. Due to its size it is used in daily life to carry data from one computer to another. While transferring your data, which may be your favorite movie, videos, photos, or some important document related to your office work, from one computer to another there is a high risk that you might lose them. Your pain can be understood, do not be disappointed with yourself. This lost data from Jump drive can be recovered by means of recovery software.

There are various reasons which are responsible for data loss from your Jump drive. Some popular one are like accidental deletion, formatting of flash drive without taking backup of data stored on it, virus and malware infection, improper handling of Pen drive and many more.

In order to make memory space free for utilization, user wants to delete some junk files or folders from Jump drive. While deleting bulk of files from Jump drive assuming that they are useless, some important files or folders containing useful data may also get deleted. This accidental deletion of data may create unexpected and painful situation for user, to escape from this situation, becomes even more terrible in lack of backup of data deleted from pen drive. However, even the imagination of such event is really frightful for anyone. But, with the help of this software, you can easily restore data from deleted partition. To know more, click here

Apart from this virus and malware could also corrupt the pen drive and makes inaccessible data stored on it. Due to its portability it is used to carry photos, videos, and other documents form one computer to another. There is high chance that USB drive gets infected from virus, and when the drive is under the supervision of virus, the worst thing happens is user’s precious files got infected and deleted and becomes not usable any more. Anti-virus software scans and deletes all the infected files. Recovery of files and folders are possible using recover flash drive software.

One common misconception of user which leads to data deletion from USB drive is, when user is using pen drive on system and deletes data from pen drive having a expectation that it will get stored in systems’ Recycle Bin. But, it does not get stored on Recycle Bin of computer. For complete information to restore data from hard drive, visit here ttp://

Another most commonly occurring reason for data loss from Thumb drive is formatting of drive without having proper backup. It is common that when user insert Thumb drive into computer for copying data, a pops up window appears and ask from the user “Do you want format now?” If user in hurriedness and confusion clicks on yes button then all the data from USB drive is erased permanently.

One of the popular tools called Recover Windos8 is useful for recovery of data lost from Thumb drive irrespective of how they are lost. It is capable enough to recover data from all brands of flash drive having FAT16, FAT32 file system. This tool can be used for windows 8 photo recovery. It can also recover data from formatted partitions, corrupted partition easily. It is very fast and can recover files from hard drive within a few minute after scanning the entire drive.

Steps to recover flash drive:

Step 1: Install Recover Flash Drive software on your computer and launch it to open its main window as shown in the below fig A.

Recover Flash Drive - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the flash drive from the list of drives as shown in fig B.

Recover Flash Drive - Select Flash Drive

Fig B: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: After, completion of flash drive scanning the list of recovered files is displayed as shown in the below fig C.

Recover Flash Drive - Recovered File List

Fig C: Recovered Files List