Windows 8 Hard Drive Recovery

Best Way to Restore Files from Windows 8 Hard Disk

It is very exciting to work on Windows 8 computer. Microsoft has revamped it with lot of amazing features, which makes it very popular among Windows users. However, there are some issues, which may stop you to experience of operating Windows 8 computer. We know that hard disk is the most important computer hardware, which is use to store all data. If any corruption or damage to hard drive occurs, it will directly affect the computer data. There are various reasons, which may leads to loss or deletion of crucial information from your system hard drive. The moment, you find hard drive data inaccessible, immediately take an initiative to rescue Windows 8 hard drive. To accomplish this critical operation, Recover Windows 8 is the best option for you. By utilizing this url, you can easily restore lost data on Winows 8 systems.

Before proceeding to hard drive recovery process, let us know about some factors, which may trouble users by affecting Windows 8 hard drive:

Hard Drive Formatting: When you attempt to format hard disk, it leads to loss of entire hard disk data. Most of user ends formatting hard drive mistakenly, while re-installing the Windows OS. In addition, user get lose hard drive data just after a execution of Format option while trying to explore a particular drive. Under such terrible condition, you can easily recover files from deleted partition on Windows 8 with great ease.

Hard Drive Boot Sector Corruption: Boot sector is a special area on hard disk, which contains important machine code that is needed to load operating system program to start system booting. If any corruption to this sector happens, it makes the system fails to boot and then you cannot proceed further to perform any operation on computer system.

MBR corruption: Master Boot Record (MBR) contains crucial information related to hard disk partitions. If it is corrupted, you cannot access hard drive partition data.

Failure of Windows Disk Management Utility: It used to perform hard disk management related operations like, resizing partitions, formatting, deleting partitions, partitioning etc. While carrying out any operation, if Disk Utility gets fail, it can result in deleted or missing hard drive partitions.

Apart from above described reasons, virus infection, hard drive failure due to manufacture fault or header crash, system crash due to malfunctioning OS program, partition table corruption, emptying recycle Bin etc are very common factors responsible for arising hard disk data loss problems on Windows 8 computer. Whenever, you come across such data crisis, employ this software and revive hard drive data successfully. You can use this ultimate utility to restore deleted data on Windows 8 and its other previous versions.

Recover Windows 8 comes with ability to rescue all kind of media files from NTFS and FAT hard drive partitions. Moreover, it is the best solution for retrieval of media files from memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, flash cards, memory sticks etc. It provides you option to recover files based on particular file signature. You can use its demo version, which available for free to judge its performance. If you have lost or deleted files during installation of Windows OS and want back those files, please go through the link

Steps to recover hard drive files on Windows 8 OS:

Step 1: Install Recover Windows 8 software on your computer and launch it to open its main window as shown in the below fig A.

Rescue Windows 8 Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the hard drive partition from the list of logical drives as shown in fig B.

Rescue Windows 8 Hard Drive - Choose Hard Drive

Fig B: Choose Hard Drive

Step 3: After, completion of hard drive scanning the list of restored files will be displayed as shown in the below fig C.

Rescue Windows 8 Hard Drive - Recovered File List

Fig C: Recovered File List