Restore Lost Files from Windows 8

Best Way to Recover Lost Files from Windows 8

If you are having Windows 8 computer, you are enjoying lot of appealing features and applications for entertainment and managing information. But the same time chances of data loss are very strong on Windows 8 for various reasons. If you also have under gone similar situation, that is loss of files and folders pay your attention here because here is the best way to restore lost files on Windows 8 system. Very first, you have to stop usage of computer hard drive for saving new data. By doing so, you will be able to avoid overwriting of lost files on the drive. Another step you have to take is, immediately take help of recovery tool. One can restore lost files from Windows 8 easily by utilizing an effective file recovery tool like Recover Windows 8. By using this tool, you can also recover files from deleted partition on Windows 8 by following few simple steps.

Data loss is a usual problem for majority of computer users but after going through this situation, it becomes important to know about various reasons falling into loss of data on Windows PCs and laptops. Below are some information that can help you in preventing loss of important files and folders from Windows 8: By using given link, you can restore lost files from Windows 8 after loss or deletion of hard disk partitions.

Accidental Formatting- When you format a drive on computer, it leads to total loss of data resided on the drive. While re-installing Windows 8 OS or making a drive empty, user may select an incorrect drive to format and lose all files after executing Format command. Sometime, user may format a drive intentionally if it severely affected of computer worms and viruses. However, with aid of recovery tool you can easily restore lost files from Windows 8 system.

Lost Hard Drive Partitions- There is number of circumstances in which partition goes missing or inaccessible. As a partition may contain lot of files and folders, it will be a great loss for you. Partition can be lost or inaccessible after corruption to partition table, Master Boot Record or any damage to file system structure.

Hard Drive Failure- Data stored on hard drive will become inaccessible after failure of hard disk. This situation may arise due to crash of read/write header, scratches on plates or after any other kind of physical damage.

Apart from these factors, you may face data loss due to power failure, Windows Disk Utility failure, hard system start and many other reasons. However, you can utilize this smart option to restore lost files from Windows 8 system after hard disk re-format, partition loss and any other data crisis.

Recover Windows 8 is specially developed to restore lost files from Windows 8 system. Simultaneously, you can employ this tool to recover deleted files on all popular Windows OS based systems. It is an easy to use application that comes with powerful data recovery features like one can compress recovered files to save disk space, find option to locate specific file etc. You can use this prominent software to restore memory card on Windows 8 computer.

Steps to restore lost files from Windows 8

Step 1: Download the software and install it on your laptop or computer. Open its main screen and select "Recover Files" option and then on next window, select "Recover Lost Files" option as shown in figure I.

Recover Lost Files from Windows 8 - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure II.

Restore Lost Files from Windows 8 - Select Drive

Figure II: Select Drive

Step 3: After complete scanning, you can see the list of restored lost files as shown in the below figure III.

Get Back Lost Files from Windows 8 - Recovered Lost Files

Figure III: Recovered Lost Files