Memory Card Recovery on Windows 8

How to Restore Memory Card Files on Windows 8?

Memory cards are the tiny portable storage drives which offer an easy, fast and reliable medium to store and transfer digital media files. Because of this, today most of the gadgets are developed, keeping memory cards in mind. On the down side, these cards, just like other storage devices, are also susceptible to corruption. If anything like this happens, what will you do? Will you bear the loss of important files from memory card? In such situations, an appropriate updated backup could overcome the damage. However if backup is unavailable to fulfill the data retrieval needs, then don’t be anxious. With certain efficient Windows 8 data recovery tools, file recovery from memory cards has become easier than ever before.

Since memory card is a tiny portable storage device which allows users to carry lots of their valuable data anywhere. Unfortunately, like other storage drives, your data is not fully secure in these tiny devices. You can easily lose your files due to human mistakes or data transfer errors. In some circumstances, the file system of the memory card may get corrupt and result in loss of valuable files. Fortunately, due to the development of recovery tools, you can easily restore lost or deleted files from memory cards without any complications. Moreover, you can recover photos from Windows 8 OS by using these tools in just few minutes.

Following are the few circumstances where the user may lose important files from memory card:

  • Sometimes while transferring files from memory card to your Windows 8 personal computer or laptop, if the system turns off suddenly then it results in loss of valuable files from memory card.
  • Sometimes an antivirus program’s scanning also result in loss of files. When you run an antivirus program, it scans the entire hard drive for viruses. If it finds any file or folder, which is infected by viruses or malware then it deletes the complete file or folder, to protect your Windows computer. If you have important data on that file or folder then it may also get deleted by antivirus program resulting in huge loss of data. To know details, click here
  • There are some instances like accidental deletion, file system corruption, virus infection, improper system shutdown, software conflicts, extensive usage of flash memory card etc might result in the loss of files from memory card.

A legitimate backup will always serve you whenever you lose files. So, try to maintain regular backup of all your precious files. Even if backup is not available, no need to bother because you can restore files with the use of Recover Windows 8 tool in an effective way.

This tool will perform Windows 8 deleted files recovery and also restores files from all major Windows versions. One can recover more than 300 types of popular files like images, documents, spreadsheets, zip archives, videos etc. Furthermore, you can retrieve files after installing Windows 8 OS on your computer. To know more, click here On the whole, this tool can retrieve files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, deleted, damaged, or inaccessible partitions/drives and from all other storage devices which can be accessed through Windows 8 computer.

Simple steps to recover files from memory card on Windows 8

Step 1: Download Recover Windows 8 tool and install it on your computer. Run the tool and  open its home screen as shown in fig 1.

Memory Card Recovery on Windows 8 - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the memory card from the list of drives as shown in fig 2.

Memory Card Recovery on Windows 8 - Select Memory Card

Fig 2: Select Memory Card

Step 3: You can preview any file from the list of recovered files as shown in fig 3.

Memory Card Recovery on Windows 8 - Preview File

Fig 3: Preview File