Recover Partition on Windows 8

Easy way to recover Windows 8 partition

Windows 8 is a recently launched operating system by Microsoft. It has many new features compared to other version of Windows. It has a rich user interface and compatible with many mobile devices. Because of its significant features, it is popular among the users worldwide. It is very safe when it comes to security of files and folders stored on its hard drive. But, at some point of time you must have found yourself in a situation, where hard drive partition having crucial data are lost or missing from Windows 8. There is no doubt that such type of incident causes a greater annoyance for users. However, by making use of recovery software, you can recover lost partition very easily with minimum efforts.

There are many scenarios, where user ends up in Windows partition loss. Some of most frequently occurring causes are partitioning error, error while converting file system, hard drive MBR corruption, formatting of hard drive, failure of Disk Management Utility and many more. If any of the above reason occurs, data from missing partition are also lost. Therefore, to recover partition on windows 8 you should opt for an excellent recovery tool, which can recover lost partition in an effective manner. Moreover, you can employ this advanced software to get back permanently deleted files including photo, audio, video, etc from Windows 8 machine with great ease.To know more information, simply click here

There are several instances where most of the Windows users lose their important files. Some of the common data loss scenarios are listed below.

Let’s take an example of most occurring scenario, which leads to partition loss. Partitioning of hard drive is done with the aim of dividing the hard disk into multiple parts, which are known as partitions. Suppose user is partitioning a hard drive on Windows 8 and due to any reason if partitioning process got interrupted then there is a high risk that you may end up in partition loss. In such situation user is left with only one option that is to take help of recovery tool, which can recover partition on windows 8. Recover Windows 8 is such a useful tool, which comes in handy to deal with situation, mentioned above. Apart from partition recovery, this utility is also capable to recover lost files of folders from memory card very efficiently.

Another situation where hard drive partition may be lost is corruption to hard drive MBR. MBR is a special type of boot sector, which holds all the information of the logical drives including the file system and how they are organized on the computer hard disk. If this MBR is corrupted due to any reason, then chances are very high that your partition may get lost. Think about the situation if lost partitions were having some very important data of your office work or personal files or folders and the proper back up of this partition was not taken. Really, this may prove a great disaster for you. However, there is recovery utility has been developed which is capable enough to address such kind of issues and can easily recover partition on windows 8. This recovery tool is very much capable to perform recovery of deleted files or pictures from Windows 8. To know more visit at:

Recover Windows 8 utility has capability to recover all kinds of media files from FAT and NTFS hard drive partitions. A feature of this tool gives you convenience of restoring files on the basis of their signature. It is also useful in lost data recovery after Windows 8 installation. You can preview the recovered files or folders using the preview option of this software.

Simple steps to recover Windows 8 partition

Step 1: Download and Install Recover Windows 8 utility on your computer and open its main window. After this select "Recover Drives" option as shown in the fig A.

Recover Partition on Windows 8 - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: From next window, choose the drive from the list of logical drives as shown in fig B.

Recover Partition on Windows 8 - Select Partition

Fig B: Select Partition

Step 3: The list of recovered files will be as shown in the below fig C.

Recover Partition on Windows 8 - Recovered Files

Fig C: Recovered Files