Windows 8 Photo Recovery

How to Recover Photos on Windows 8 PC?

Photos are the best means to recall your past unforgettable moments . However, there are times when uncertainty strikes. Let’s assume a possibility. One day while showing pictures of your past memorable moments to your friend suddenly you found some of them are missing from Windows 8 computer. You might surprise how this happened. You tried lots of tricks to get them back but you failed. Have you ever experienced this kind of loss from your Windows 8 personal computer? Will you witness those cherished moments you spent with your friends again? The answer could be yes if you go with the Restore Windows 8 software to recover lost or deleted photo from your personal computer.

Most people take great care to save their precious photos in the hard drive. But do you believe saving these photos on the Windows 8 computer can preserve them forever? After all, storage media drives are susceptible to technical glitches. If someone accidentally hits an incorrect button, all the photos of your priceless moments will disappear in a fraction of a second. Recover Windows 8 software has got a smart solution for any type of hard drive data loss crisis caused by such technical glitches or errors. This application has an inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire drive and restore deleted files from Windows 8 systems in few simple mouse clicks.

There are numerous circumstances which results in loss of photos from Windows 8 systems. Some of them are listed below-

  • Sometimes while deleting some unwanted photos, if the user deletes any of his important photos, then severe data loss will be guaranteed.
  • Sometimes while accessing photos, if your computer shuts down abruptly then the chances of losing photos are pretty more, if user has lost pictures from storage drive then only best solution is to make use of Windows 8 recovery tool.
  • Sometimes while transferring photos from card to computer, if you pull out the card abruptly then you may forfeit important photos. However, you can simply opt this powerful software to undelete permanenetly deleted files after sudden power failure, abrupt Windows 8 system shutdown, etc. To grab more information, simply tap here
  • Circumstances like virus infection, formatting or reformatting of hard drive, file system corruption, software conflicts, hardware failure may also cause loss of photos from your Windows computers.

In order to avoid loss of important photos, you need to maintain regular backup of all your precious photos. You can also store your priceless photos in any of the external storage media devices like CD, DVD, external hard drive, etc. Furthermore, use antivirus software to avoid infection of viruses and spywares on your Windows computer.

Recover Windows 8 is one such appreciated photo recovery software by most of the industry experts. It will restore memory card data on Windows 8 and on all other versions of Windows operating systems, without hampering the original data. It has a special built in find option which identifies and recovers lost or deleted files based on their unique file signatures. Furthermore, one can also use this tool to retrieve files after installing Windows 8 OS. To check the efficiency of photo recovery, it facilitates you to use demo version of this tool.

Simple steps to recover photos from Windows 8 computer

Step 1: Download the tool and install it on your Windows 8 PC. Launch the tool and open its first window as shown in below figure A.

Windows 8 Photo Recovery - First Window

Figure A: First Window

Step 2: Choose the storage partition from the list of logical drives as shown in below figure B.

Windows 8 Photo Recovery - Select Logical Drive

Figure B: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Any of the recovered file can be previewed as shown in figure C.

Windows 8 Photo Recovery - Preview Photo

Figure C: Preview Photo